About us

Our company was established in 2000 specialising in performance and race parts trade, wholesale and retail. In 2003, and having been established in the local market, we moved to new premises were we combined fitting facilities with full garage equipment. We have built some of the fastest and beautiful cars on the street as well as many race cars.


Now we have grown enough and gained all that experience so we can serve people from all over the world. The geographical position of our country enabled us to connect Europe, Middle East and Asia. Now we trade parts from Europe to Middle East and  from Japan to Middle East and Europe.


We have the capacity to fulfill big orders for trade inquiries as well as the smallest order for retail.


We have the facilities to built a race car from scratch. We can supply the car, strip it down,  strengthen the body, build a strong engine and  drivetrain, supply and install any part, tune it,  get it race ready and deliver it anywhere in the world!