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We offer three different levels of short blocks.


Street Siries Block 2.5L

Street Series EJ25 (STi) short block is our basic engine upgrade designed to offer more reliability than a stock short block by swapping the brittle cast hypereutectic pistons with forged replacements. The stock short block can handle quite a bit of power, but it can quickly be ruined by detonation. Each Street Series block starts as a brand new factory Subaru EJ257 short block. It is inspected and the standard cast pistons are removed. The bores are measured and matched with forged piston replacements ensuring proper clearances are followed. Once the correct pistons are matched to your block, we install them along with new high performance piston rings.

* 2.5 Liter STi semi-closed deck short block
* Forged EJ257 crankshaft
* Forged EJ257 connecting rods
* RAW Performance/ CP forged pistons
* High Performance Piston Rings
* 7,200 RPM recommended rev limit


Track Series Block 2.5L

Track Series EJ25 (STi) short block is our top of the line non-sleeved short block utilizing the best parts available to ensure reliable high-horsepower performance. The Track Series begins its life as a brand new factory Subaru EJ257 bare case and is honed to fit the new custom RAW Performance CP forged pistons with moly coated piston skirts. The rotating assembly consists of a new forged EJ257 crankshaft that is extensively modified for better oiling and custom RAW Performance Pauter forged connecting rods fitted with Clevite high performance rod bearings. It is fully balanced and polished to 10,000 RPMs to within .25 grams. Ready for assembly, all clearances are checked and rechecked to ensure 100% accuracy with your build

* 2.5 Liter STi semi-closed deck case
* Modified forged EJ257 crankshaft
* High Performance Main & Rod Bearings
* Pauter 4340 Chrome-Moly Forged Rods
* CP Forged Pistons w/ Moly Coated Skirts
* High Performance Piston Rings
* Fully Balanced & Blueprinted
* 8,500 Rev Limit Recommended



Signature Seties Block 2.5L

Signature Series EJ25 (STi) short block is fully balanced & blueprinted and starts as a brand new 2.5 L US STi case. It is then bored out and new iron sleeves are pressed in. Internals are swapped for a Performance modified forged EJ257 crankshaft, custom forged connecting rods, custom race series rod bearings, race series main bearings, and forged pistons.

The race engine you are looking for. The thick Darton Sleeves we press in help this block take the high boost pressures & nitrous use with ease. It is a proven winner with the precise machining and upgraded internal parts that make up this monster.

We had our friends at CP make us custom pistons that will stand up to the abuse you may put this engine through. Brainstorming with Pauter Machine, we came up with custom forged connecting rods that are tested to withstand almost anything. We use a forged crank and modify it for better oiling and finish with balancing & polishing it to within .25 grams at 10,000 RPMS.

If you are looking for bulletproof in a short block, you will be hard pressed to find a stronger one for sale anywhere in the world.

* 2.5 Liter STi semi-closed deck case
* Darton Ductile Iron Sleeve Liners
* Modified forged EJ257 crankshaft
* High Performance Main & Rod Bearings
* Custom Pauter Machine Forged Rods
* Custom & Coated CP Forged Pistons
* High Performance Piston Rings
* Fully Balanced & Blueprinted
* 9,500 Rev Limit Recommended (To achieve maximum rev limit, a dry sump oiling system is required!)

Also Includes:

* ARP Head Studs
* Cometic Head Gaskets
* Factory Subaru Engine Gasket Kit


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