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AIM Smarty Cam





SmartyCam. The only on-board camera with real-time data overlay.





With traditional on-board cameras you get nice videos. With SmartyCam you get much more: because SmartyCam records your technical data together with videos. So you can analyze your sessions and ...improve your performance! SmartyCam combines a solid state digital video recorder with high speed GPS and real-time data overlays. Configurable instrument transparencies, real-time track position and GPS lap timing result in the most stunning video ever seen from an on-board camera. An ideal tool for all motorsports enthusiasts!

A universal product
You don't need an AIM logger to use SmartyCam! It can be used in all situations, on all kind of vehicles as it can source data simply from integrated GPS + three-axial accelerometer and/or directly from a huge number of ECU via specific interfaces.

SmartyCam does all the job: compression, memorisation, reproduction of images with data overlay. Moreover, movies can be easily downloaded to a PC via memory card or through a fast (480 Mbps) USB cable for DVD burning and TV review

Data can be overlaid in real time to images in several formats

SmartyCam allows you to record digital high quality (H.264 codec, movies 720 x 400 pixels @ 30 fps) with dual channel audio



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