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RS3 (Z222)

Ventus R-S3 Z222 Significantly Improves Dry Grip on the Track and Off

As a successor to the track-proven Ventus R-S2 Z212, and compliment to the Ventus Z214 racing tires, Hankook Tire has applied its latest motorsports technology to improve dry-grip performance by 30 percent; further enhancing the tire's handling capabilities. The profile has been developed to maximize the footprint contact patch. In addition, based on the great success in 2007-08 of Hankook DOT R Compound tires in competition, the compound technology responsible for winning on the track has been applied in the new Ventus R-S3.

The Ventus R-S3 Z222 also features a unique "flame" design which is molded into the tread that will be aesthetically pleasing to consumers looking to show off their vehicle's "hot" new shoes.

As drifting, Time Attack and autocross competitions continue to gain popularity across North America and influence the marketplace, Hankook looks to deliver category-leading performance both on the street and on the track. The new Ventus R-S3 Z222 will prove to be a great investment for enthusiast consumers, delivering a high quality UHP street tire that seamlessly meets the demands of on-track motorsports performance.





Z222 (Extreme Performance) 140/A/A size chart

1010329 225/45ZR15
1010330 225/50ZR16
1011463 205/55ZR16
1011464 245/40ZR17
1010332 255/40ZR17 XL
1011066 215/45ZR17
1010331 225/45ZR17 XL
1011238 235/45ZR17
1011240 255/35ZR18
1009834 265/35ZR18 XL
1011242 275/35ZR18
1010334 285/35ZR18 XL
1011465 225/40ZR18
1011466 235/40ZR18
1010333 245/40ZR18 XL
1011468 305/30ZR19 XL
1011467 235/35ZR19
1010876 225/40ZR19
1010877 245/40ZR19

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