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The Complete Solution

MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems are designed for performance, reliability and versatility. With advanced technology and a multitude of expansion options, our products can be configured to suit almost any application-on land, water and even in the air. Every level is catered for, from high performance road vehicles and amateur motorsport to top class professional race teams.

MoTeC's ever expanding product range is extensive and modular, allowing customers to tailor a solution to their individual needs. A core range of fully programmable ECUs, data loggers and displays can be integrated with peripheral devices and accessories to form a complete solution that powers, controls, logs, monitors and communicates virtually any automotive parameter.
Engine Management Systems

Our fully programmable ECUs range from the earlier generation M4 and M48 to the latest generation M400, M600, M800 and M880. These latest 'hundred series' ECUs are characterised by their ability to control modern engines with electronic innovations like drive by wire throttle and continuously variable cam timing.

M800 Plug-In ECUs are available for several Subaru and Mitsubishi engines, providing a convenient solution that simply replaces the original OEM ECU, without the need to rewire the vehicle.

In addition, MoTeC has introduced two new engine specific ECUs based on the M4-the MLS and M2R. These lower cost alternatives are dedicated to specific V8 and rotary engines respectively.

To complete an engine control system MoTeC can provide a range of accessories:

* Ignition systems including multiple channel CDIs
* Fuel delivery components
* Wiring looms and accessories
* Digital displays
* Lights, used for warning and shift lights, both LED array lights and shift light modules
* Sensors including temperature, pressure, position, crank, cam and speed sensors
* Lambda sensors
* Expander units including a drive by wire expander
* Communications accessories, including CAN, Ethernet and USB cables, and USB to CAN adaptors.


Data Acquisition Systems

MoTeC produces a number of data acquisition solutions to suit different requirements. The SDL and ADL3 Dash Loggers, with combined display/logger/controller functionality, are highly versatile and can be configured according to individual preferences. The Sport Dash Logger (SDL) is well suited to those with moderate data requirements, while the Advanced Dash Logger (ADL3) has a comprehensive package of features ideal for professional motorsport. The Enclosed Dash Logger (EDL3) is based on the ADL3. It offers the same features, but is supplied without the display in an enclosed unit.

MoTeC's new Central Logging System, consisting of the Advanced Central Logger (ACL) and one or more Versatile Input Modules (VIM), is aimed at those placing high demands on their data system. The ACL is a dedicated logger with a huge 1GB memory and potential to connect up to 200 sensors.

In addition to the data acquisition hardware, MoTeC's comprehensive i2 data analysis software provides all the necessary tools to analyse the data and contribute to more insight into the performance and reliability of the engine and chassis. The Telemetry Monitor software allows engineers to monitor the vehicle while on track.

To complete a data acquisition system MoTeC can provide a range of accessories:

* Expander units for supplementary measurement and control, like the E888 and E816 expanders and the new VIMs
* Lap timing equipment
* Sensors including Lambda, temperature, pressure, force and motion sensors
* Telemetry equipment
* GPS units



To monitor the performance of the vehicle, MoTeC has designed digital displays with highly customisable screen layouts. The Mini Digital Display (MDD) is a small satellite display that can be mounted in a steering wheel, while the Sport Dash Logger (SDL) is a standalone display that has optional data logging.
Power Distribution

MoTeC's Power Distribution Modules (PDM16 and PDM32) are designed to replace conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers. They provide electronically switched power to the various electrical systems in the vehicle-for example motors, lights and solenoids-and electronic devices such as ECUs and data systems. The PDMs simplify wiring and switch requirements, while increasing reliability.
Diff Control

Subaru and Mitsubishi Differential Controllers (SDC and MDC) are available for particular models of WRX and Evo. They provide user programmable control over the percentage of front and rear drive to cater for individual drivers preferences. SDC and MDC units replace the factory fitted centre differential controllers with no wiring modifications needed.
Lambda Measurement

For accurate tuning, it is important to measure the air and fuel ratio after combustion in the exhaust gases. This can be done using Lambda Upgrades integrated in MoTeC ECUs or data loggers or with the quick and easy to use standalone Professional Lambda Meter (PLM).


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